Monday, 20 July 2009

The Show approaches...

OK three days to go.... everything is not confirmed and finalized but I feel at ease for now HOWEVER my right eye has bloody swollen which sucks BUT Vogue will be attending Friday and Saturday SO if required I will be wearing an eye patch in homage to Gabrielle or shades in doors like a gangster rapper who refuses to be blinded by the light natural or man made!

Here's a few snaps courtesy of my blackberry of the short film we done for UNDERCOVER with Ben Charles Edwards!

(my new protege Nina ... so ideal for my DD pictorial)

As you can see it was an "interesting" shoot, I was really happy with what I saw and anticipate the end product! which will be shown on both nights!!!! So yah.. Fashion & Textile Museum this weekend?

Follow me! I wanna take you everywhere... globe trotting, bed, toilet... OK maybe not the latter! x

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