Monday, 8 April 2013

Open Lab #8: Editorial "The Seventh Son"

No secret that Chris Arundel is one of my favourite male models and this story shot around the outskirts of one of the the studios at Big Sky really stemmed from vibes, from the music we were listening to, the clothes and of course Chris's mellow presence really complemented to the story to produce a short but effective editorial. It was Martine Rose's SS13 collection that really triggered my vision for this story.

Check it out...

Photography Kate Cox
Fashion Assistant Yoona Kim

Friday, 5 April 2013

Open Lab #8: Editorial "Dazed"

The last editorial shot for the current issue of Open Lab!
This evening shoot took place just on the cusp of our deadline. A mix of travels, other work and a hairstylist who landed in from Milan mens week and came straight to shoot and curated arguably one of the most talked about things in our SS13 issue, this shoot is a testament to get in, do your part, position, click, next, got it, move on.

 Photographers Brendan Barker & Daniel Evans BBDE
Fashion & Creative Direction: Nickque Patterson

Open Lab is available now!
 p.s(entiment) love Grace and her lovely mum who came to the shoot and took the role as my second assistant lol. Really routing for this youngmodel!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Open Lab #8: Editorial "That 70's Show"

Small room filled with trinkets, 7 strong team, maze to get location and tea is how I'll remember this story. To be fair, any shoot with Georgie will include a lot of tea.

This was the last editorial I shot last year and it's a favourite; getting seriously throwback as of late! 

Photography Georgie Wileman 
Fashion Director Nickque Patterson
Make Up Andrea Gomez Anzola 

Monday, 11 March 2013

Editorial: Hunger TV "An Early Retirement"

Lately I've been a bit obsessed with old legendary gals like Little Edie, Edith Piaf and I've always been fixated with twisted suburbia. This story is takes from that,  two young girls summoned to melancholia (which is a reference also)

Check out "An Early Retirement" on Hunger TV!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Open Lab #8: The Collections


I will always remember this story for a number of reasons;
1) First time Open Lab has done a collections story 
2) Location issues; original location swept from under out feet day before shoot
3) Flight issues and hotel scamming
4) All the normal stresses of shooting; getting full show looks on time, casting, light etc

It didn't just all come together, it seemed we had everything thrown at us but working with such a great team and shooting in the beautiful No.9 French Place we managed to achieve this story. For this I imagined a day in the life of a married vampire couple. From home to work to dinner date with the Addams. The day of a modern couple who choose blood over wine. Light topic.

Fashion & Art Director Nickque Patterson
Make Up Thom Walker
Models Ben Waters @ Models 1 and Flo Dron @ Select
Fashion Assistant Kitty Paterson 
Hair Assistant Baba Takuya

Special Thanks to Space NO.9. and the amazing designers/PRs (in order of occurence) James Long, Eudon Choi, Raf Simons, KTZ, Xander Zhou and Damir Doma. The AW13 one will be even bigger, mark my word!

Lookbook: Jenn Lee SS13

Today marks a big day for my friend and designer Jenn Lee. Her AW13 collection is available to buy at Immense in Taiwan and soon online!

So far the lookbook images have appeared in features in Excellence magazine and a video interview with Jenn for Elle Taiwan...

Look book images credit are...
Photography Ellis Scott
Fashion/Creative Direction Nickque Patterson
Hair Masanori Yahiro
 Make Up Molly Portsmouth