Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Rant 2- Money= Influence/Power

Although one of the most sought after things in life I think money is one of the most terrifying things someone can "own", I understand the need for it but when the amount is far greater than the years you'll be able to use it, it's increasingly easier for people to become "lost". It's scary to think that another beings bank balance can buy influence. I know hard work and success is usually capped with financial superiority but I think you can really judge a character by what they do with their riches, I think money is source for help, not just charity but all those you love and yourself. Those who view money as power are scary but those who follow this mentality living on the breadline is tragic, it shouldn't be the physical notes and coins we strive for, we should dream and be content with the financial total our dreams add up to. I believe the mind is the ultimate power it's far richer without the costly price tag of selling what I see as universal morals. It's vital to know that both our physical existence and money have an expiration date, what we do with our riches can live for eternity.

A Belief... I have those.
Me x


Eddie NY said...

It;s official I am a fan. Glad you're blogging regularly : )

Nickque said...

Thanks my good sir! glad you enjoy reading : )