Monday, 27 July 2009


BOTH nights at the FTM was absolutely OUTSTANDING and together they offered something for everyone!!! I loved it, you loved it WE ALL loved it! (we confirmed with eyes SO yes I have consent). There's so many pictures and in the coming weeks I know I'll be overwhelmed with press pics, professional pics, digitals,polaroids, mobile uploads etc and I anticipate them all even the latter. Working on something MAJOR atm but for the mean while have a look at a few of my pics from Fridays happening!!! I'll do a proper post soon with "THANK YOU'S" and all that pop!

FTM,FTM,Titus Groan,undercover,JANE DOE LATEX



undercover,FTM,ross forsythe


nicole o'niel,undercover,FTM,ballet

brigitte aphrodite,music,ftm

nickque,tasha mays,ftm
My memory card was overfed so didn't capture the whole of Friday and none of Saturday as I never had time from the night before and the rush of Saturday! I'll jump on this again just really need to put pencil to paper this week and sketch out my ideas for the "project"
Till next time!
Me x


emmmmaaa said...

amaaaaazinggggggggg xxx

Strutt said...

Omg your back, I thought you had abandoned blogging forever.
Looks like a really live night.

I'm gonna be heading down to the undercover exhibition for my project, I wish I had checked the blog earlier to know about the ftm night.

Nickque said...

I'll never stop!... Just slack at times depending on workload : )

Hope your project went well!