Thursday, 13 December 2012

Unreleased Thursday: Static Sport

Every so often you do  shoot and it goes unpublished; this could be for one or many reasons. The reflections isn't always on the work produced but as artists you have to also be happy with the placing of your work because lets be honest most shoots can end up somewhere but to mould you portfolio how you'd like it to look you have to be selective. I'll be posting shoots that fell through the net when and if I have them and want to share so keep an eye out for this "feature".

Here's a few images from  a story that fell into that folder. 

cap Eudon Choi
shoulder piece Shara Hayz
Ty; top Lako Bukia and trousers Forgotten Future. Sacha; top Makin Jan Ma
and leggings Agi Sam. Both shoes Agi & Sam

Jacket Agi & Sam and bad Cyberdog
Both boys; MJM jacket, K-WAY windbreaker and shoes United Nude
Ty trousers Lako Bukia and Sacha body Shara Hayz
Photographer: Jeff Hahn
Fashion: Nickque Patterson
Models: Ty @ Premier and Sacha @ Select 
Hair: Sofia Sjoo for Billy & Bo using Shu Uemura
Fashion Assistant: Kitty Paterson 

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