Wednesday, 2 March 2011

RANT 4- Art without Heart


Now I haven't done one of these in a while mostly because of I've reverted to pen and paper fearing some of my rants may be a little dark for a stage with monitor light. Anyway in light of this fashion month and Galliano gate I had to speak (or type)...

London fashion week, a twitter rant from talented lady Marian Kihogo and stumbling across playwright Alan Ayckbourn's Drowning on Dry Land brought this on. Now everyone quite rightly should aim to be successful BUT success and fame are two completely different pinnacles in my opinion, success is poignant stages of a progressing story whereas fame is something that can be "achieved" with a controversial moment. You'll find that most creatives fear the world's eye hence when the masses come chasing after them they either crumble or cope in their own way by making it work for them ON the other side you get those who want the fame but without the work. What bugs me more than that are those who then try to convince everyone they are talented by diluting roles and claiming "I'm a stylist , dancer, singer, designer who does some interior designing sometimes and on my days of I'm at the surgery tending to my patients"! I mean... really? ... really? when individuals do this they may as well go up to someone who does one of these roles full time and laugh in their face. I'm not saying someone can't be multi talented but claiming a profession is not like a trip to the supermarket, you can't just throw it in the basket. If something interests you call it a hobby or a subject you're researching until and if you commit!

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Now regarding John Galliano, like in most cases I find the publics responses more interesting. I'd be lying if I said it didn't anger me that some folks responded "who cares what he does privately, he's a a creative genius". Would you eat a haute cuisine dish from a diseased hand? I don't personally know John Galliano and though I applaud his work, Dior was right to fire him. I watched the video and found it offensive and totally inexcusable.

Let your art speak, once created it becomes your voice.

I'd rather be unknown for something rather than famous for nothing.


Yrsa said...

Was having this EXACT debate last night.

I agree, by the way.


Nickque said...

Didn't even need to comment (but glad you did), knew you'd agree! ; ) x