Sunday, 5 September 2010

Meet Marques

If your words ignite me and/or the execution of your art inspires me you'll never leave me. I was introduced to Mr Toliver's music over a year ago, since I've stumbled upon him busking on the lane a few times, however last night following his twitter alert I made it my mission to finally see the good man live at a sit down gig! He didn't disappoint, he didn't live up to expectation. He took my appreciation and cemented a fan!

I didn't intend to film but I had one of my cameras in my bag and thought I'd capture what I could. Let's call the videos "rustic"... Enjoy...

During the final interval me, Emilyne, Yrsa and Daniel somehow began discussing politics, Marques joined momentarily before he was pulled away to finish his set. Something is undergo which will make debates etc more "accessible". Watch this space.

In Time.


Location| Vintage Emporium

Marques Toliver's...

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