Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Create Now Inspire Later.

Feeling down due to the menopausal? weather here comes an Oh My God moment. A new network is upon us! It's name? The Creators Project! straight to the point like a news bulletin no beating about the bush like a hairy porn minge. I digress. To kick off this jazzy affair they've recruited transatlantic instrument hoarder Mark Ronson for a "what you doing? where you been?" catch up. Just apply some pressure to>> THE CREATORS PROJECT and ensure my pocket is full of pretty green. Stop me before Ronson songs (covers) rob me of my hard earned vocabulary.

UPDATE: Whilst I've been here chewing the fat, they've only gone an put up a Brazil entry, the network being somewhat like a scene virtual eurovision. So there shall be no cringing here (maybe a little)glitter and feathers will be put to better use in glorious socially acceptable music.

Douze Points goes to... The Creators Project!

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