Monday, 7 June 2010

Bleaching Picture


You'll need a plastic plate (anything circular but this is most useful as you can use it again for the bleach), tape, bleach (doesn't have to be domestos!), paintbrush and something weighty (in my case the sky remote)


Create a circle on desired position with tape using plastic plate as a stencil. I did this so the bleach wouldn't run too much. At the end I realised it didn't really run at all so you could just "paint" freehand around the plastic plate. If doing an intricate "bleaching" the tape would SHINE (be necessary)


Paint your desired symbol, picture or whatever else. In my case this was a peace sign.

It's not perfect but neither am.


et voila... leave to dry and admire.

This creation was a result of boredom. The punk-hippie I am, this denim cut off sums up my style somewhat. On the front it's hard with studs and badges but this massive peace sign at the back is all I'm promoting.

I do things like this all the time but this is the first time I've recorded it. May do it (record) more often.

Back soon. I promise, working very hard on several things atm.

P.S. It's Prince/my musical father's Birthday so...

UPDATE: turns out the royal one has dropped a new single...

evidently not his best BUT still a head shaker.

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