Sunday, 17 January 2010

Model Envy: Milan Fall 10'

This year and forever more *queue Xfactor music... press play* I vow to blog on runway shows, shoots etc, ones I'm in and the ones I should be in *cough* "appreciate" *press stop*

Above are some of my favorites from the Milan menswear shows. Yes there are a few more but I ran out of letters, had to squeeze McQueen in with the unplanned yet fitting "my fav's from...". Speaking of Alexander McQueen, as usual the theatrical performance side of me with a hint of the day to day "Q" if truth be told loved the paneled biker boots and high puritan collard print shirts. *write* " "Hi Alexander, one of those jersey balaclavas would be much appreciated, Kind Regards, Me" *send*

Versace, (chronological order guys... keep up) I really liked quite a few of the pieces mostly those for the for the top half, my model envy was on full force for some of the matrix/ cyborg style pieces. It can be argued that Donatella and Alexandre Plokhov went a bit overboard with the zips and mental... tbh it'd probably cause bloody havoc in customs for the Internaaaaaash folks * laughs and adjusts cravat* Etro excelled!! totally digging the jogger bottom crafted trousers and that astroturf mac is bad... as in good like a smile : ) Gucci was also good, Frida Giannini always churns out those bad boy fits, though it didn't scream fall, I'm totally liking that look up above (no aid! you should know by now where we are!!) Next in line (image 5 guys... ok? .. remember chronological L-R lol) Gianfranco Ferre... sharp and styled to wear like now... good to go!!

Bottega Veneta lead the pack with the teddy boy inspiration and I almost slipped in my own drool at seeing that double breasted purple blazer and patent "office" creepers. The paisley and tartan pieces from Cavalli stood out for me personally. The Costume National outfit (4th in the only row with... "four" echoed my winter wardrobe "luxury orphan layered".

Nothing beats a black and white *Mariah Carey mode* "ensemble" and Neil Barrett showcased this well, simple motifs etc which could be "caj" (casual) or "dressed up" for some dining soiree (possibly my favorite word... oh to be Parisian). Last but by no means least was my favorite... aunty Vivienne (she's aware of this) was poison "never trust a big butt with a smile" style! LOVED the homeless inspired show. I've needed that big black coat from fall 09' and the post(wo)man rang twice because like magic Miss Westwood designed! She done her encore on a stretcher . YES she's that -insert expletive-

Overall I wasn't left peckish for a fashion snack *reaches for glass of evian to wash it all down* you know we don't eat in this damn industry... I kid I kid *cough* serious *resists temptation to quote the 90210 e4 trailer* Below are other pieces/designers I enjoyed.

Next stop... Paris where we have the likes of Givenchy, Galliano, Lanvin, JPG, LV, Issey Miyake, YSL, JUUN J etc to look forward to. So roll on more menswear.... side note itching to get back to shooting etc, just a few more weeks training! Off topic completely, been writing, painting and composing (a little)... feels better than silk! Nothing worse than wasted thoughts.

Jusqu' à la prochaine fois
Me x

p.s. if it was too hard keeping up with images/designers... enlarge and reveal. I could've done captions... but that wouldn't have been as much fun.

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