Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Issue Issue?

Physically couldn't sleep on this one. This all happened in 09' and believe me I didn't sleep on it then. I'm sure everyone is aware of both pictures connections and their "representation". I won't delve into politics and jump on my soap box but the first image is taken from French Vogue's October 09' issue, some people brushed it off as "art" but that made it even more insulting to me. Giving Lara Stone a "blackface" (mua fad?) when there are stunning, working, booking big campaigns black female models is not justifiable in my very humble opinion. This one is not up for debate with me! ON the other hand PPQ showed that WE are as it goes in the 21st century with their ss10 runway show. In no way am I saying runway shows should be predominantly black, white, asian etc, I don't think ANY job should take race into consideration but when statements need to be made it has to be done unapologetically. Sophie Theallet did it in 08' in NY but I was so happy Amy and Percy at PPQ brought it to London. I could talk about this till the cows come home but a magazine that showcases black elites is ARISE (click and flick)... won't be the last you here of this magazine here *looks up* So word to Mr Enniful, Miss Campbell, Miss Dunn, Miss Shoniwa et al!! Word to London. Word to the world. Unite in creative regality.


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