Friday, 5 June 2009



I've neglected blogging for a few months now, a lot has happened some high's and some pesky low's BUT all necessary. I'm working on a few projects some of which I won't make public just yet and some which I'm not even allowed to sing from the rooftops as much as I want to. Something which has my tale wagging right now is a showcase I've been asked to host at the Fashion & Textile Museum in July. I was only approached last week so it's quite last minute, but I rise amidst a challenge. I'll be updating more regularly (once or twice a week), not set in stone as I'm not Perez Hilton I'll update when things need to be said fun or business (usually both).

If you're a designer of any field, stylist, model, mua, hair,just interested in helping out on this showcase or know someone who fits the bill inbox me, subject box your talent and attach pics etc and I'll have a look! I'll keep you all updated.

I've had a twitter account since October 08' and I've just really given in to it;
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I'll do a full update in the next few days, just wanted to proclaim my return!

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Charlie said...

Liking the layout bro! Was just looking at some of your artwork... WIKID!