Monday, 24 November 2008

No Doubt I'm Excited!

Just about to go bed BUT I'm too excited (I just read this I might be late)... NO DOUBT are coming back into town, finger here and check out the ichat convo they had... contrived convo for advertising you may see BUT I see nothing but hella good (yep pun indeed) in my horizon...

A next tid bit I dunno if anyone heard this Live lounge...WELL... Alesha Dixon took on one of my favourite songs "Sex on fire" by one of my favorite bands Kings of Leon.... well the outcome is below. Whilst I'm on the topic I dunno if it's just me but "sex on fire" and "so here we are" (Bloc Party) are kinda similar (not lyrically) I mean they'd easily mix... If I can be bothered I'll do it for your listening pleasure (or pain) haha...Anyway here's Alesha....

different folks different strokes!

Goodnight! x

1 comment:

C said...

YAY to No Doubt nay to alesha, i mean it's ok i guess i dunno has you said dif folks dif stokes. x