Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Baby stole my soul!

Last night me and Sam waltzed down to the Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon booted in our DM's and black jeans haha we arrived for "I think I'm here darling were are you"inspired by Mr Obama "YES WE CAN" and hosted by two lovely ladies Emilyne and Penelope. We sat down in the candle lit intimate setting and then got the lovely news that...
was not only performing NO..
Well she rolled in bread in hand and chesticles in full view haha, me Sam and her had a you're here... you're the headliner OMG am I moment and the show began..

touch Baby Sol I promise she feels good.

Last night was filled with talent from MC Angel who made me desire cellulite so I could shake the hell out of it, Jade Anouka who broke her performance virginity last night what a way to do it eh lyrical orgy...very promising! Anna Glynn put on a nice play named "Judicious Punishment". The three (or should I say 2 BABY goes without saying) that were megatron were Dockers Mc who would be everyones dream primary school teacher imagination and animation embellished to infinity and beyond (buzz lightyear not Beyonce) and Holly Walker who I loved as her sadistic somewhat demented lyrics at times made me feel right at home!

Baby finally hit the stage at like 10.30 me thinks AND she totally GOT IT! She had everyone dancing with tears down their face cheeks!

After that me and Sam left feeling somewhat cultured.. he got his train I missed mine but got home in the end. It was a fine evening following my day which before this event consisted of being stroked repeatedly (on my back for you x-minded) by an weird man at London Bridge, spotting a stalker and being papped by two french girls. Well off the DM's came and the night was over!

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Anonymous said...

luv babaysol and dockers mc!!! x