Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tim Walker: Inspiration

I've struggled with categorising myself a "stylist". Thoughts and rants... I hate fashion and how some perceive or react to this shallow path in comparison deeper callings such as a healer studying and working to save lives... why am I doing a job that couldn't be more fashion.
Now I'm my biggest critic (yes that familiar sentence, but yes...I am) and with an analytical thought process mixed with an unpredictable nature everyday I am understanding this industry more and more. Creativity is speculative, there's no artistic barometer nor a test to monitor who is more deserving of certain pedestals. This no longer frustrates me because I know and see others who are doing what they love amazingly well even when there's no one watching. 
Fashion CAN be a serious art form which just like other industries has it's "clowns". Unfortunately fashion folk are just easier to point at and harder to manage. I've come to realise that this industry is my lane. My medium to channel stories I want to share. Not everyone chooses what they do for this innate possesion and that's fine, some arrive as and develop and others learn to love/live. I relate to Tim for this reason, vision is a gift that I believe your born with and if correctly focused greatness is achieved... 

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