Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Made in Medi 2012

It's been a while but I thought this trip deserved a post, got back from a town called Noto in Sicily yesterday. I attended the showcase to work on the the Francesca Marotta show which she was invited to and kindly asked me to accompany to recreate what we did in London in such a beautiful place which inspired the collection. Met some amazing people and soaked up the surrounding art. The images say everything I probably can't...

postings of the dead





Marotta girls waiting to slay! bad bitch on the right.

Marotta Mafia

Leon and Stefan

 Day 1 London work with sicilian sun. Day 2 meets and opening shows and prep. Day 3; looks, castings and show. Day 4; 4 residing brits holiday in Sicily. Everyday surround by art, drinks and amazing food.

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