Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Press Day: IPR SS12

Made a quick stop over at one my favourite IPR's press day. Always nice to visit for call ins if only for the industrial lift and the creative block it calls home. Needless to say they look after some amazing talents varying from the young to be more mature make.

Personal favourites are the Silent by Damir Dona boots and collection in general. Love Damir's work. I also really liked the cement grey leather backpack by JAS M.B and the collection of leather bags in general, some deceptive bags appearing as backpacks to be revealed as satchels.

For editorial purposes more so I really like the India influenced footwear of Joanne Stoker, and the return of her signature LED heel. Martyn Bal's and the Super sunglasses also stood out for me. Now, Danielle Scutt goes without saying but I'll say anyway! I loved her show and the blend of femme glamorous shimmer teamed with masculine significant other. See pink hooded coat on mannequin below. Stylist for next season? must make this happen.

Scally connoisseur Christopher Shannon remains on the path for those wanting to mirror the look but not the lifestyle for a healthy penny. Lastly, I am determined to put those Yang Du backpacks (last picture if not standing out enough for you) in an editorial. Scheming to play...


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