Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wyld Jack Daniel Birthday Party.

(bespoke JD Marshall amps)

Last night Wyld met Jack Daniel's for a night of booze, banter and beats provided by DJ Erol Sabadosh, Tribes, TheMenWhoFellToEarth. On entrance guests were given poker chips which entitled them to a free cocktail, which together with the music evidently went down a treat. Host Daniel Lismore was also there looking and being amazing as expected.

 Naddy Sane

 Host Daniel Lismore

DJ and Organizer Erol Sabadosh

Catch Wyld Wednesday in the Wyld bar at W hotel London every Wednesday.

Happy Birthday Jack Daniel's!

p.s jokes were provided by these 3 guys fresh out of Fame via pineapple dance studios. Guy in the waistcoat beat and grind the wall all the while hair flipping whilst his back back up dancers "vogued"

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