Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Tired and injured (been a clumsier day than usual) but I was determined to do this "write up" before my head hit the pillow as I've got a busy few days ahead and well... I've got a lot of time for Felicities and the women who sail the ship... the flixchix! That said I was thrown off by a MAN answering the door when I rang today. Wasn't too happy about that, caught them cheating BUT all was forgotten with a cupcake. I'm easy.

Anyway I digress...

I missed the throwback press day sadly and stopped by earlier today to have my own "private viewing"....

<Felicities AW11 press
Felicities house great designers such as Ada Zanditon, Lako Bukia, Alice Palmer and Jacob Kimmie; subtle highlight of what I want in the collage above. There are so many amazing pieces I've already got plans for and everytime I visit the inspiration just keeps coming. In fact I've already shot two of their newbies Evmorfia and Ryder &Rowe. Long made short, Felicities in 3 adjectives. Talented. Professional. Friendly. Watch them grow even bigger through me (and so many others) trying to create beautiful stories using their varied list of some of London's hottest designers.


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