Saturday, 1 January 2011

For the 100th time!


So for the last few weeks I've been meaning to post but because of work or just "putting it off" it never really happened and the result: I have 4 "drafts", I woke up a few hours ago and swore today is the day, I'm not hungover as last night was smooth. NO EXCUSE. I chose to enter the new year and new decade with my eyes open and not cross eyed on that jazzy juice. Anyway all that blog neglect makes THIS POST my 100TH! (quite ashamed of that) and for that I'm not sorry. I approached new year differently this year, instead of listing what I want in the new year I was on the grind in 2010... why wait? the only thing time promises is aging so I've been prepping for my 2011... for my future... for your future. What you can expect is EVERYTHING! my art, more projects, labors of love, shows, the website (in a matter of weeks), blog revamp, more posts! MOVEMENT! I have no resolution all I want is to MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT! I'm armed and well and truly ready to slay!

meet me here in a few hours/ days want to let this post steam.

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