Thursday, 13 January 2011



If this strategy was applied in schools here in the UK we'd have far less illiterate men folk and lesbians, if you follow current affairs you'll know this is a serious problem. Moving swiftly away from sarcasm... click that erotic "Z" and have a read and perv at New York based artist Erik Foss's vintage porn clipping T's. I know you "scene kids" love some vintage.

Whilst your "at it" (pun unintended but appreciated) read this article - Only Death Is Real (casually cheery), good read about metal bands posing the stereotype! If they were that "hard" they wouldn't be holding the pose " Ok, going to stand here... yeah I'm angry... doing bad things... got that? ... cool. Pass me a latte with soya milk, no sugar" Everybody wants to be a model!!!

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