Sunday, 11 July 2010

Gold Nuggets for Mc Nuggets?!

You don't have to be family, friend or follower to know my love and admiration for the crooner and icon that is Prince however I guess it'd help. To the point I'll wander. Yesterday (July 10th 2010) the ARTIST gave the gift that is 20Ten to the UK via the the Mirror!! I've been listening non stop since I uploaded it to my mac. It's safe to say I'm in a funk and not the nasal rape type. I'm happy here. I can live here. Prince and I. Amidst my sunday skip around the house to the LP which has completed the apple progression and is now on my ipod I pondered... mmmmm... Why do we pay over a tenner/ 10 dollars for 8 tracked death discs that many contemporary artists flog us? Now I'm not painting all current artists as villains and past time (still kicking in subject case) performers as hero's but if a watergun was against my head I'd side with the latter. I know taste is a prime factor but shit is still shit (if not worse) even if coated in perfume. There are plenty albums I'd pay 3x time uniform price for! Why are glorified EP's with a few "instrumentals" which in some cases are just the producer forgetting to stop the recording being called LP, album or get this "masterpiece"?! In cases like these I favor piracy. Why should the working class heck any class pay high prices for low listens. If I'm paying haute cuisine money I want michelin star dishes! It's reflective. Matter Mirror Money. I know people need to make their money but puppeteers (managers) it's insulting when you hand these scripts to the package ("artist") and they recite tales of how intensely involved they are and how extremely creative the process of concocting these tunes were. People wake up from this poorly soundtracked "dream" I'm not saying fast food music isn't good at times even great (for physical movement) BUT fuck paying over a fiver for McDonalds!

Ponder This: Myself and many paid 65p for the rubbish that is the Mirror for a strong supply from a living legend yet for the remainder of the musical months throw away money for future coffee table coasters.

p.s I'm not saying price should reflect genre, that would be hypocritical because my musical taste is wider than a graphic on a size xs tshirt on an obese man. I hate snobbery of any kind (unless laughter is attached). I just think to claim the title "artist" your brush needs to touch the canvas and when it's exhibition time I understand cost price isn't "realistic" but extortion is not right!

Note: I didn't mention any artists though many come to mind, both pros and cons (word has never been more fitting) Draw up your own list.

... and if you don't why not?!?!

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