Thursday, 22 April 2010

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I rarely use facebook these days but I've logged on often this week and thankfully I did because I was tagged in this debate by an old school mate (Shane). I love a good debate as means of both venting and learning.

easier read of the above: "Holy shit, Obama's just a damned celebrity... apart from that one healthcare bill that has just been passed (which from my point of view, is more down to Michael Moore than Obama) what has he actually done? ... apart from landing a $500000 (£343000) post-president book deal five days before he actually entered the Whitehouse.

His biggest achievement as been the 'first black president' thing. But people shouldn't kid themselves, it wouldn't matter if the president of the USA was purple and had no arse hole, he'd still be more of a celebrity figurehead than an actual politician.

I guess I'm a bit let down, as I quite distinctly remember a lot of fuss and noise about this election, and then what seemed like a huge ocean of silence. I'm actually still hearing more about Bush than I am about Obama. What the hell? OK, so it's not exactly hard to do better than Bush... I mean, the man was damned-near illiterate and brought us to war under delusions of imaginary weapons of mass destruction!

At best I think Obama gives African-Americans and, indeed, all modern-thinking Americans something to be proud of. Not to make him sound like some sort of a consolation prize for black people. I just feel like a lot of his winning votes were helped by his being an African-American, when in fact we now live in a society that says the colour of skin doesn't matter.
I think the moral of this is that no matter if they're black,white, male, female, politicians are always just going to be little more than blaming posts for us.

So, when are the predictions for our the first Black/Asian/Hispanic Prime minister? :D

I will tag people who I think will want to have a debate about this, and anyone else that stumbles upon this note is more than welcome to join

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I was just about to post this then Sofia lived up to a ladies prerogative to be late and dropped off this cherry on our sweet vanilla ice cream.

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TIDBIT: Today is the second debate, so tune in to "The Leaders Debate" 8pm on Sky news (501) other things to watch are 'Paying Britain's Bills" 7:30pm ITV... Sky+ Eastenders, watch one of it's many repeats or iplayer, Peggy Mitchell isn't in charge of the public purse. It's a key day for televised politics/debate today so tune in to Question Time 10.45pm (bbc1) if the politicians keep your interest.

p.s. we have full names and faces but we're currently overwhelmed with fan mail.

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