Sunday, 20 December 2009


The last couple of months have been busy ones for me and I've been a bit of a recluse from most people so extreme some of my friends and employers thought I'd died... yes died... quietly... ME... NE-VAAAAH!. Lately I've been developing some concepts e.g. A creative night which celebrates everything from canvas art to face art (make up) solely to broadcast artists of all kind. I'll keep you updated on that because it's not going to be slept on... Me and

soho gazing

are planning and hoping to launch this in the first quarter of the new year.

I'm also in talks about doing two commissioned pieces for a gallery in March 2010, filming, writing all the time and doing some of this...

wrapology mannequin

whilst walking around my house with theatrical pieces like this...


... Anyway for now I plan to rest and enjoy the Christmas period with my family and friends who I love like finding a random tenner in a pair of jeans then going wild!!

I'm gonna finish watching Miracle on 34th St circa 94'... you know the one with Matilda! Oh and before I forget... how good has Misfits been?! not a question : )

... thanks to sky+ I got to bulk watch!!


I have The Temper Trap's "Conditions" LP on loop! a stan for Dougy's vocals!

I have plenty more to tell and say, but will tackle them as they come out (articles, shoots). Pictures and adventures to share but... not today but "I'll mek sure" (harshest yardie voice)

Till time pasts.


p.s the Eurostar sure ain't been no star this weekend!

p.p.s Rage against the Machine have got the Xmas number 1... nothing against that lad Joe but I'm so happy people gave Simon Cowell the cheek when he leant in with his annual usually disappointing lip smacker! Very proud to be British at this moment!

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