Monday, 21 December 2009

A provoked thought

Today I witnessed Alzheimer's the closest I've ever encountered it... It haunted my day. Queuing in Sainsbury's with this nice old man, we were having queue banter and he did the whole routine with the cashier... and then... walked to exit the store. I ran after him and brought him back saying "hey, you forgot your shopping" in a real "what ya like" kinda grandson to joker grandpa way. He looked really distressed and me and the lady on tills looked at each other... eureka... dementia. His carer then came running and confirmed what we were thinking, she'd left him for like a minute to go pick up some carrots and it seemed like so much longer to us all (customers) and more importantly frighteningly it was actually longer to this fragile old man. Time is capable of so many things it can heal but it can also hurt. Stopped me in my tracks and I wrote the title "I forget... but don't forget me" ... I'll post it whenever it is I finish. In 2010 I just want to spend my time exploring every adventure whilst riding...

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