Friday, 18 December 2009

Rant 3: Living Rich Poor

Designer labels, Queens English customized with slang and neologisms, we're socializing amongst man who take home daily what we collectively bring annually... Rich in existence and poor in paper statements. The true royals of Britannia. Scene folks unite in this province. If truths unfold we dance nightly and conceive trends, living on a student loan, part time pass time, full time breadline, mothers indulging and the talent of blagging "No I can't pay my rent but I can recite Vivienne Westwood's fall 09' runway show... my opinions matter". We more than exist... we take the old, rework and make it new but more than this we take a thought and make it real. If it's tangible it's attainable. Hail the East scene, the creative collective spinning on our own orbit. Word to the World!

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Anonymous said...

Why isn't this published? or is it? you're writing is really impressive, proper all rounded talent man! *adds blog favorite*