Thursday, 27 August 2009

A quick one!

**UPDATE; I forgot to add videos before! Second video was filmed by Spencer on a compact camera! who said size matters!! ha!**

I've been housebound for two days now as I cacked up my heels wearing some new boots for like 10 hrs! Anyway I won't bore you with tales of scabby heels, TCP, rain and sandals. It's been a blessing in disguise as I've sorted out so many things which I've been meaning/needing to do... OH and watching 60 minute makeover (as I intend to be a property developer in my late years) and old Gene Kelly films. Anyway I just stumbled upon these images from Undercover which I played around with... thought I'd share : )

STAR! Titus Groan...
Titus Groan,undercover

Ballet extraordinaire Nicole!
nicole o'niel,ballet

Petite Vision Kelby...

Opening night

House of Blueeyes (closing) night

My blog will probably go through many changes over the next few weeks as we'll be playing around with it!
Keep your eyes and fingertips fixed folks!


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